Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Teenagers Now!!!

Logan, my newest teen (and Penny)
Hunter and Barron

Well, this weekend officially made me the mom of 2 teenagers.Heaven help me!!! My Logan turned 13 over the weekend, joining her 15 year old sister, Hunter. Personally, I think the teenage years can be a challenge. I would take the" terrible 2's" any old day. The secret??? Whatever it takes to keep them walking with the Lord even though the World is constantly pulling them in other directions. I long to enjoy these years to the fullest, but their are days when I hang my head and feel  failure pressing in. Praise God for His grace and mercy over and through our situations!  Praise Him that He loves our children even more than we can imagine!(Praise Him that I won't have another teenager for 5 more years!) Anyway, Logan had a very good time celebrating with her family and grandparents. We are THANKFUL to have this young lady as our daughter. Happy Birthday, Logan... we.hope and pray that this is your best year yet!!!


TWH said...

Hey, that's one way to look at it... or, it is really like just when Logan is moving out of the teen years, you got one ready to fill the gap right away. :)

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Congratulations, you'll.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Happy Birthday (again) Logan! Love the horse photos. The girls (and the horses) look maaahvelous!

I love the teen years. Send them to my house! :)

You can have my hair-pulling, skin-pinching 3year old in trade!!!

Sophie said...

Your girls are gorgeous!! And happy birthday to Logan.

I can't say that I'm particularly fond of the teenage years. I feel like they are aliens from another planet that have little communication skills and eat all day long!

Ok they're not really that bad, they do communicate when they're hungry, come to think of it my oldest thinks my first name is what's for dinner.

I'd take a hair-pulling, skin-pinching 3 yr. old over a teenager any day, maybe Kristin will trade with me.

Sorry I can't be more encouraging.

tcup235 said...

Happy 13th Logan!! Thanking God for His grace in your lives the past 15 yrs (& 2 mths ;-) and trusting Him for all that is needed for these next 7 teen years (decided not to count the fact you'll have a 3rd teen before Logan enters her 20s, b/c by then teen years will be 2nd nature, right?!?).

Good to know their Heavenly Father loves & longs for them to be close with Him even more than any He trust them with here on this earth (but that said, His abundant blessings on those He entruest to raise them up to follow Him!!).

Karin said...

A moment of silence for you, my friend. :) I hear you, though, about feeling the failure pressing in and watching my teens struggle with all the ways the world pulls them in the wrong direction. Big hugs!!
The photos and your girls are gorgeous!
I think we should send all of our teens to Kristin and you and I can take photos and hang out at Starbucks.

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'd be happy to take the teens for you and Karin to go have coffee and shoot photos, but I'm a little concerned that your newfound obsession with your...what did you call them...'great legs'...may lead you down a tempting path to go out dancing in a mini-skirt or something else. So perhaps you'd better keep your legs covered and stick to the photo shoot and coffee.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Your daughters are beautiful! I'm with you regarding the teen years. I've got a 5 month old easier than my 14 year old. Whenever I get the business end of teen hormones, I remind myself that I was once a teenage girl and my parents survived it.

Much love to you and your sweet family.