Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to You!!!

I wish I had a beautiful photo of my cherubs to post on this day when I celebrate God's plan and purpose in making me a mother...after all, He used Hunter and Logan and Olivia and Kate to bring His plan to fruition. But I couldn't find a picture of them all to post and my thoughts really went a different direction anyway...
When God whispers in my ear and reminds me of my purpose as a mother to these children, I hold these inspirations very close to my heart as precious nuggets of pure, gleaming gold, grounding me AND allowing me to soar, all at the same time! He has given me two lately...
A few Sundays ago, sitting in the service with Kate on my lap, I couldn't help but think of her life if God had not brought us to her. The choir was singing a old time hymn of pure scriptural truths , the kind of song which was written after the author had LIVED it, TASTED God , and SEEN with his own 2 eyes that He was good. I looked at Kate and wondered what she was actually hearing, how or if the Holy Spirit was reaching her sweet, little 3 yr old spirit....... and what boldly came to me was... not THIS one, will NOT have THIS one.... Kate is ultimately responsible for accepting Christ Jesus as her Savior in her lifetime, but she is now in a home and church and surrounded by people who will ALWAYS point her to Jesus as the answer. Would she have had this in Guatemala? Will the thousands of orphans still in Guatemala ever hear the Truth???What about the millions of orphans around the world??? Only God knows the answer to that, but Kate(and Olivia) have it now!!! This, God whispered to me, is one reason I appointed you as her mother, because I know that you will strive to show her My truth for as much time as I give you with her.
A couple of weeks ago Kate had to have another MRI. I hated the thought , dreaded the procedure, and resented the situation. As I was forlornly carrying Kate into the hospital, God gave me another nugget. He said, "Lisa, in this life, Kate may need some extra medical attention...will you see that she gets it for Me???" From that point on , I looked at the day in an entirely different light. Of course I will, Lord! ( maybe another reason God appointed me as her mother...I will strive to be obedient even if I don't like a situation).
I have 3 other daughters with which God has given me many a chance to beg for nuggets. Sometimes He has given them, sometimes not. But all four of them are shaping me into the woman God wants me to be. For this, I am eternally grateful to them and to God!!
Being a mother is an amazing journey. God really gives us a glimpse into the magnitude of love that He has poured out on His children. It is an impossibly hard job at times and,yet, a job with the highest return. To have been chosen to raise the next generation of God's people in this dying world is a position of vast honor. I pray for myself as well as all of you on this mother's day. May we keep on keeping on, pointing all those little pairs of feet toward the cross and throne of Jehovah. May we ask for and receive those golden nuggets.May God show us,time to time, just why He brought each of us our particular children. May we view motherhood through the eyes of the One who purposed us to be mothers before the foundations of the world, and not through the eyes of this, now, broken world.
Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you!!!