Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Teenagers Now!!!

Logan, my newest teen (and Penny)
Hunter and Barron

Well, this weekend officially made me the mom of 2 teenagers.Heaven help me!!! My Logan turned 13 over the weekend, joining her 15 year old sister, Hunter. Personally, I think the teenage years can be a challenge. I would take the" terrible 2's" any old day. The secret??? Whatever it takes to keep them walking with the Lord even though the World is constantly pulling them in other directions. I long to enjoy these years to the fullest, but their are days when I hang my head and feel  failure pressing in. Praise God for His grace and mercy over and through our situations!  Praise Him that He loves our children even more than we can imagine!(Praise Him that I won't have another teenager for 5 more years!) Anyway, Logan had a very good time celebrating with her family and grandparents. We are THANKFUL to have this young lady as our daughter. Happy Birthday, Logan... we.hope and pray that this is your best year yet!!!