Monday, December 28, 2009

I Heart Faces...Hilarious Outtakes

This is the documentation of the downward spiral which should have been a lovely photo shoot in a picturesque setting with my 4 cherubs:

Hunter (the one holding the dog) started the ball rolling when she picked up the dog and refused to allow Kate (in white) to walk her on the leash. Note Kate's expression and Hunter's oblivion to the ensuing meltdown.....

Because Kate cannot shake her attitude and Hunter was the cause , Hunter is now grounded for decreasing our chances of even getting one good shot. Now note Hunter's new expression. Kate continues to stew...

Kate can no longer hold back and completely looses it while her sisters look on....

And,voi-la, the photo session is over. Kate is leaving, picture or no picture....(sigh)Are we having fun yet?????
Any other photographers have days like this? Right now I can see the humor in these shots. At the time it was anything but funny! For more humorous photo outtakes, head over to

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus...

Wow! Another Christmas morning has come and gone. We all had visions of sugarplums dancing around here to be sure. Everyone was overjoyed with thier gifts. Even Muffin, who has been steadfastly guarding her gift bag of bones for weeks now. Happy Birthday to you, Jesus. Thank you for coming to this Earth to rescue us. You were not content to allow this planet to remain a gigantic orphanage. You left Heaven to restore a right relationship between the fatherless and thier Heavenly Father. You said you would not leave us as orphans. You were true to your Word as always....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Memories....

A dear blog friend of mine asked me to pen my fondest Christmas memories and then ask 5 more blog friends to do the same. I have to admit that my first thought can I fit this in with everything else I have to do??? But now, with a few more things crossed off my list, I am excited and ready...

My childhood memories of Christmas are wonderful and warm!!! Everything about Christmas was Currier and Ives at our house. My mom loved to bake so there were lots of baked goods around the house. My mom would bake cinnamon buns and purposely let them remain undercooked so that the ones in the center were gummy, just for me. She made creme cheese danishes that would melt in your mouth and we had them the whole month of December.Also homemade eggnog. I would awaken to the smell of coffee and the sounds of Johnny Mathis singing Christmas songs, songs that I still love today. We lived in New Hampshire and Idaho before that. In those days you hiked into the nearest wood and cut down the tree of your choice, trudging through the snow I might add. We always had white Christmases in those states. Mom and I would make homemade ornaments for the tree a lot of times and we had those large, colored lights that I loved. (As soon as small white lights came out, my father opted for them, but I always loved the colors!) We always were involved in church and Christmas services, singing hymns and carols in a little church nestled in the valley. Sledding and hot cocoa were a constant around the house. I always left a note and cookies for Santa and started Christmas Eve out on the couch in front of the fire place. Somehow I always awoke in my bed on Christmas morning. My stocking was always filled and every year it contained chocolate covered cherries and an avocado. Because I was an only child, my mom and dad and I took turns opening gifts and our Christmas morning would take glorious hours! But, you really got to see the expressions on each face as we opened our gifts and I still prefer this way today? Jesus was the center of life, at Christmas and everyday before and after. In our house , Santa did not diminish Christ's birth. He simply aided in the tradition of gift giving which we did in honor of the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ given to mankind. I am sure that I am forgetting many aspects of my childhood Christmas, but I do remember crying at the end of the season, year after year, because I longed for it not to be over. It was magical. The whole Earth was decorated for the birthday of Jesus, whether it acknowledged it or not. The soul seems lifted during the Christmas season, then and now. I am sure this is God's doing, quickening our hearts and minds to be mindful of him.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
Now to pick 5 more friends to share thier Christmas upbringings:
Nicole (who just returned with her newest daughter from China)
Mary Beth Chapman (couldn't hurt to try asking)

Here is the blog address of my friend in Colorado. She has a very unique Christmas upbringing in South Africa. Stop by and pay her a visit!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Heart Faces...Pets

So here is our little munchkin, Muffin, when she was just weeks old. She is actually chewing on a bone but the photo doesn''t show it. Couldn't you just eat her with a spoon? Check out all the sweet , wonderful and exotic pets at:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Olivia Turns 7!!!

All of Randy's girls....whew!!!

Decorating gingerbread men.


Unbelievably, my little Olivia is turning 7!!! Today we threw her birthday party with her friends. The theme of this year's celebration was "Sweet Shop". So much fun to fill these sweet party girls up with sugar and then send them home:) Weren't we just getting home from the airport with this little 10 month old bundle??? Where oh where does the time go??? Thank you ,Lord, for bringing this little lamb into our home. Olivia, you are such a blessing to your family. Happy Birthday, sweet pea!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Heart Faces Sweet Dreams...

Yes, our daughter is asleep in the dog house! She crawled in there to play one night and the next thing we knew she was asleep! Poor Muffin was out of luck! Couldn't really make out her face so we placed her picture nearby. Sweet dreams Baby Kate! Please click on the photo to see larger version. Check out all the other sleeping beauties at :

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Heart Faces ...Tooshies!!!

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is tooshies of all things! Normally I buy my girls swimsuits with skirts beacause they are a little more modest. However, when you spend half of your time upside down, a skirt is pretty useless! No idea who the little boy in red is but I like the splash of color he adds to the photo. Check out all the bottoms at :