Sunday, August 30, 2009


My husband would kill me if he knew I was writing this post ,but I have felt compelled lately. I have had the honor and pleasure of being married to a gem for the past 18 years. My husband has every quality I ever dreamed my prince would have when I was a little girl. He also has one quality that i never asked or hoped for because it did not occur to me that he would need it. I never thought that i would marry a man who would lay down his plans and desires so readily for the cause of adoption. We have 2 biological daughters , as well as Randy has 2 grown daughters from his first marriage. So ,safe to say, our home has its share of estrogen. However, when I suggested(7 years ago) to him that we look into adopting a little girl from half way around the world, I wasn't sure what to expect. Not only did Randy agree, but he travelled to China without me to pick her up. Amazing man! Six years later, he and i would travel again (this time to Guatemala) to rescue another little girl and bring her home. I watch him when he isn't looking and I delight in Randy's interaction with these 2 children. We don't know the details of Olivia's abandonment in China. But we know the whole sad truth of Kate's relinquishment in Guatemala. Kate's birthmom wasn't married, but she did have a boyfriend. Upon finding out that Kate's mom was pregnant with Kate, he left her. When Kate was born, her birthmom turned her over to an adoption attorney. Kate's birthfather was never heard from again. And this is where Randy stepped into the picture. Despite the cost financially,the time, the energy, the added years of needed income, the emotional tole that accompanies any child, and the risks associated with attaching yourself to another human being, Randy took responsibility for this other man's actions... the results of a night of sex with a woman that he wasn't married or committed to. Kate's birthparents did not anticipate the new life that was forming ...a life that both would later find burdensome. Neither wanted any part of this new life and both parties walked away. Randy was able to see the situation in a different light, through God's eyes. He viewed Kate through God's lens. She was not the disposable consequence of some nameless, faceless man. She was God's daughter. His child. HE is the Father to the Fatherless and Kate belonged to HIM alone. And now she needed God's arms to tangibly hold and care for her while on this earth. Randy said, "OK , Lord". This little one will never look like Randy, she will never share a single gene, but it is of little consequence to him. My husband is not perfect, but words really cannot describe how I view his selflessness in this matter. Even when I faltered, Randy was steady. When my eyes turned toward myself, he kept his gaze up. Amazing man! He is a hero to me. He placed his life on the back burner to rescue a child from uncertain fate. Twice! He is a soldier willing to go into harm's way for another. I don't know when or if he will discover this post. I don't know how often he reads my blog. But i wanted to sing his praises for a moment, because i am thankful for him. He is an incredible gift to me : )

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fields of the Fatherless

I just finished a great little book by C. Thomas Davis called Fields of the Fatherless. I was fascinated to read some of his points as to the role of The Church (the actual body of Christ) in caring for the "least of these". For instance, in the Old Testament, God showed His concern, compassion, and heart for the poor when He commanded His people to set aside a portion of their crops to provide food for the widows, aliens , and the fatherless (Deut 24:19) He was insistent and to violate this command was to sin against Him:

"Do not move an ancient boundary stone, or encroach on the fields of the fatherless. For their Defender is strong: He will take up their case against you." Proverbs 23:10, 11 NIV

He commanded His people to provide for these groups of people and they all knew it. It wasn't a suggestion or even "a nice thing to do". He considered this portion to belong to the poor and the fatherless.

"Scripture mentions the importance of caring for these individuals more than sixty times! Clearly, the protection and well-being of this group are one of God's great and constant concerns. So much so, in fact, He actually defines Who He is by His promises to them..." C. Thomas Davis

A Father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy
habitation. Psalm 68:5-6

Just imagine how God's people could change the world today if we would all tithe for "the least of these". Could we empty out the orphanages of the world? Would the homeless be able to leave the streets for good? Would the alien feel warm and received wherever he journeyed? Just imagine....

"God gave the responsibility to care for the defenseless to those claiming to be followers of Christ. It is through our hands the Father's love comes, it is through our voices His voice is heard, it is through our efforts and those of the church that His care is revealed to the ones the rest of the world has forgotten." C. Thomas Davis

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank you....

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for our family vacation. And for the magnificent ocean and all the creatures within. Thank you for providing a place for us to stay that we could afford and for giving us the money to pay for the gas and food that we needed while on vacation. Thank you for the pretty weather during the week ,and for allowing us to fellowship with family and friends. Thank you for keeping us safe travelling to and from the coast and while we were there. Thank you for children that DELIGHT in your creation. Thank you for all the blessings that you have provided and may we never take them for granted.

In Jesus' name, Amen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love at First Sight...

Kate, our little mermaid, LOVES the beach....the water, the sand, the surf ,the waves and wildlife...everything about it. This is her first trip so we were not certain how it would go. First night in the surf, she hit the waves and never looked back. I think she was headed back to Guatemala: )