Friday, October 22, 2010

Look How I Spent My Day....

My friend, Kristin, and I and 5 of our 8 children headed north to Virginia today to spend some time with our dear friend, Adeye, and her kids. God gave us beautiful weather, a perfect fall day  to spend outdoors. As Adeye would say, it was "lovely"! Ps. Thanks , Kristin, for getting the whole thing started with Starbucks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Treasures from Afar: What did those shirts say?

 I stole this from my bloggy friend Karin. If you have just 2 minutes, you should click on her link and watch the video she has posted. I trust it will make your day: )

Our Treasures from Afar: What did those shirts say?: "I don't know if you have been as mesmerized by the rescue of the Chilean miners as I have been, but wow. I noticed as they were pulled from..."